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Default Re: MachineControl and Avid Complete Plugin Bundle for Pro Tools Ultimate

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
It is not. You can obviously check my account and see the licenses deposited today...
Sorry, should have been more specific... it aligns with the original expiration date, and refreshes just before that date if you have renewed your plan. This is the same way the Pro Tools HD Plan license worked - it's a 1 year license and just before expiration if your plan has been renewed the license gets refreshed. I would anticipate your Avid Complete Plug-In Bundle's expiration date getting refreshed just before 11/5/18. (I just put a reminder in my calendar to check for you.)
The actual offer from last year (for re-subscribing) was deposited in January in my account. And every time giving 3 activations (every time) also doesn't make sense other than the multiple same-time renewals.
That's different, and is a separate item listed in It was provided when renewing Pro Tools (not HD/Ultimate). This thread is about the bundle replacing the original bonus plug-ins which is included within a Pro Tools Ultimate product (in Additional Value Content).
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