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Default Re: 12 cores not being used equally (cpu errors)

more interested in mixing audio and less about VI's or production. Playback buffer was 2048 maxed. I'll try and post full computer specs later. Why 192? Well this started with me A/B'ing a mix done at 44k to some other mixes that sounded more "crisp" in the high end. Obviously there's so many potential reasons for that. I was curious though and for fun I did a save session copy of my mix up to 88k. Changed nothing about the mix at all and bounced. The 88k mix sounded better to my ear and a few other people. So then i said well is it really? I imported both bounced files (44k mix and 88k mix) into a session and inverted the phase on one and sure enough there was lots of high end information coming through. 88k really did sound more "crisp". This makes sense because there are more snapshots per second taking place for a plugin to get a smoother more accurate snapshot of what its doing. By analogy its like the difference between a wav file and a mp3. You can hear a subtle difference in the high end usually. So then i was like well how bout 192? I then did a test where i took 1 drum loop with 1 eq (pro q2) 1 band boosting 8db high shelf at 3k. I did this to the same audio in a 44k and 192k session and then brought both bounces into a session and inverted the phase and same thing. I heard information. I also feel like i can audibly hear the 192k drum loop sounding more crisp in the high end compared to the 44k one and thats just 1 track, 1 eq, 1 band. I used to think 44k was all i ever needed but 192k just sounds more crisp and clean. If i want dirty, i'll distort a track or bit reduce it, but it seems ideal to me now to be mixing at 192k if possible. Doesn't seem possible in protools though because of cpu load and track count. This is where im currently at, and how i got here over the past 24 hours.
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