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Default Re: Magma Expressbox7 EB7 Which one? Gen I or II

used to have a ton of unexplainable, intermittent Kernel Panics when running HD7. The crux was that all cards alwyas passed DigiTest which only tests the funcionality of all the chips. However, problems started arising when the chips were under load as they draw considerably more power then.

Because of the way each mix is evolving different chips on different cards will be allocated even if you are failry consitent as far as track count/voice allocation and plug-in usage is concerned. That means erratic behaviour is very difficult to pinpoint. A bad PSU can screw things up in more ways than one so if you buy a chassis and start having issues this should be your fisrt port of call.

I recently spent some long and very painful hours troubleshooting my system until a member on this forum pointed me towards the PSU as a possible cause (I should use this opportunity to thank Bob Nagy again for doing so).
Just added more HD PCIe cards to my Digidesign EB7. I had 4 cards and now I have 7. I did have one crash, but did work for a couple hours. I am wondering if the Power Supply limitation is the issue, and if so it is no brainer to upgrade the supply, or is it a fringe issue?

It is put together and in a rack at the moment, but it seems it is a standard ATX power supply? Curious what size repleacement Power supply would right for 7 HD PCIe cards, a 750Watt like this, or? Wondering the HD cards use more 12VDC or 3.3VDC, because it seems these larger repalcement supplies have less 3.3VDC Amperage than the original Magma 550Watt Supplies?

I did a bunch of searching/googling, and could not find the current draw spec for the HD Core/Accel cards. A link to that data, at full load, would be great.

Hoping someone has been thru these details. Thanks in advance!
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