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Default Re: I/O Settings have changed-No sound?????

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
Actually the sentence WAS and IS necessary. The op has a history of ranting and raving over things that he wouldn't have a problem with if he followed proper procedures and read the documentation.
I've read and re-read all the Post's. I have tried all the suggestions including yours. I have referred to the help box which has yet to be of help when I look for an answer to something. I have gone thru the Manual I/O Section & find nothing of any help.

My System is only a few months old. should my firewire Cables go bad that quickly? I'll get new one's.

Youtube's seem to cover alot of the older series of PT & not much help.

Other than that the problem still persist's. Days going into a week! You all must be alot cooler than me. I find it annoying that I can't Record, Mix etc. mine & other Project's.

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