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Default Student purchase included 4yrs of releases never got Pro Tools 12

Dear Avid,
as part of a four year upgrade offer in place at the time of my purchase I should be able to upgrade my installation to version 12. Unfortunately, I did not receive any information, like I did last time when I was upgrading from PT10 to PT11. I activated my copy of the license on 02/07/12, so I strongly belive that I should get an upgrade promised at the time of purchase.

Could you please help me with this?

Tomasz Klicki

========================== ADMIN EDIT:
  • This thread is for customers that bought a Student/Edu copy of Pro Tools that included 4 years of updates and did not yet receive any version of Pro Tools 12.
  • This program ended 4/10/2013 so purchases after that are not eligible.
  • Updates are provided for 4 years from date of original purchase and are based on release date of the new version(s).
  • Please check the Products Not Yet Downloaded section of your Avid account. If your update is not there (and you qualify for a no cost update), please start a case and include a copy of your invoice.

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