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Default Re: Best Desktops for PTLE

^^ Hey man what firewire card did you use?

Me? Onboard Firewire is enabled but this was measured using the Mbox2. I havenīt tried the 002 with this system yet so I canīt say much about the onboard FW. It works with an external Maxtor FW drive, that much I know.

One note : there is a "power jump" at startup so these power numbers are not to be taken as real word facts. And this is a small setup, add more drives and cards and the consumption goes up fast. I have a Windmill 385W power supply unit from HEC, the voltages seem to keep steady.

I went back to standard 2000 Mhz clock for now. Just donīt feel comfortable pushing things so hard for no real reason, 25 % OC is more than Iīve ever managed to run on any system without toasting things or at least resetting bios. There`s still plenty of kick left at standard dual 2000 Mhz.

Gotta love the 7.01 with a dual core.

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