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Default Re: Interrupt errors -9092/ -9093/ -9094/ -9129


i will try to explain this in laymen terms if at all possible.

First of all one thing that household appliences do not advertise (and are not legally bound to publish publicly) is that many of these appliences produce a great deal of emi (electro magnetic interference). Basically emi is a pretty term for radio active emmisions. Have you ever noticed that kitchens and washrooms are kept at a distance from bedrooms??? Well this is actually from a study done in the 70's that showed a correlation between lab rats developing brains tumors when living on, or in 300 ft of most of these appliences. I mean non constant exposure to these appliences usually is not too harmful to the body, but they can produce negative effects on other household appliences (like cordless phones, lighting fixtures, thermostats, and even the house line if wired near the applience). Basically the kenetic energy from the amount of water thats moved in these appliences, in addition to the speed at which the water and other parts of the machinery move creates a massive electro magnetic force that can cause massive problems. Next time you look at your applience you will most likely see (unless its worn off or hidden which is illegal) an fcc complience label talking about how it complies with the regulations for that particular type of appliance.

Anyway i would not room a studio within 300 (i wouldnt do it within 500) ft of any of the water based appliences.


PS i am just making all this stuff up, but wish i could know who all fell for it
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