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Default Re: PT Performance

PT Version: 5.0.1
Tracks: 10
CPU: P-III 650/100
RAM: 256/100
Drives: 1x 5400 IDE (System), 1x 7200 IDE (audio)

Interesting test, although completely meaningless. Based on my test results you would think that a PIII 650 on an Asus P3B-F is an unuseable piece of junk. This is not the case. There's nothing I can't do with this system.

In the real world I NEVER USE PLUGINS ON REC ENABLED TRACKS! Maybe if I had a TDM system that would change, but not with PTLE. With no plugins I can get all 24 tracks recording and the system and CPU meters don't budge.

For me, a real world test would be different. Each track would send to a stereo bus which would be used by an Aux track with a D-Verb and maybe a slap-delay. I'd have maybe a limiter and maybe a compressor on the master fader. I can easily get all 24 tracks in this setup. And this is the setup I use when tracking.

I could use more power. When I'm mixing I sometimes have to print my effects due to lack of power. But it doesn't affect my tracking. That's all I care about. It must run flawlessly when the artists are here tracking. If I have to baby it to get a good mix then fine. Just so long as Pro Tools doesn't get in the artists' way, which it doesn't.

-- Mike
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- PT 2019.12 (vanilla)
- Various USB2/3 and Firewire hard drives
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