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Default Re: Avid Link - 'No Upgrade' vs 'Current'

OK Thanks folks !

I understand I should not rely on AvidLink for proper info on upgrades. I got suggestions how to check in other ways. Thanks !

Some thoughts:
Often times, like in the case here, with Avid/PT, I kind of find myself in strange/faulty situations wherein I have to ask myself:

Is it ME or is it the SW ?

This causes :
1. A lot of extra/unecessary work on my part and spreading out
2. Uncertainty, and consequentially even more questions like in this thread

However, I would like to have more confidence in Avid/PT such that questions like the one in this thread would yield education on how to use the SW, rather than being open for the answer - "it doesn't quite work as it should, so don't use it".

Maybe it is good business practice to fling out half-working SW and have users of it engaged, creating a 'complicated' yet intense attachment to it. Look at microsoft/windows.
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