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Default Re: Uggg...rebuilding my system from scratch

Originally Posted by YYR123 View Post
Same here brother, country life. I usually go to town if I need a bunch of something downloaded

I always keep backups of installers and every time I do what you did, I truly see which plugs are my favorites

And some never get installed again

When time and life permits I will have my studio here in the same sticks (not that far out, but far enough not to have home internet) and that will be the selling point

ďGet away and focus on the musicĒ
Yep, Iíll definitely be slimming down some of my unused plugins, mostly the free ones that arenít as stable. But I do use stuff from Mercury and Slate and Avid bundles, plus Metric Halo, iZotope (Exponential). All big downloads. Plus I have a bunch of other software I have to get to get fully set up.

I usually keep downloaded files also, but I needed to update a bunch of stuff so I had to download them all fresh. The town that I love outside of (Chouteau) doesnít have any such thing as free internet in a cafe or coffee shop. Iíd have to drive an hour to Tulsa to get there, and then itís just not that great of service. I used to download stuff at work, but since I left the City I donít have access to their super fast internet any more.
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