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Default Re: S5 with HD converters?

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
That is good news. We had two full System 5 desks with complete compliment of converters for years. I know what can go wrong from that experience. But if you have Avid branded ones, you still have a good few years on them.

Yup, it's still how clocking works if a converter has an in-built clock. There's a module on the board internally.

Ah ok. Ill keep my s5 converters for the ml530 and the monitoring. When i say digital monitoring its because i dont use a mc524 the gain is digitally controlled. Had a psu die in my mc524 and its just too expensive to repair when i can save the space and the electric on running that box.

My ml530 psu is dying aswell so i figured rather have one dodgy box than two

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