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Default Re: Chat Transcript | Avid PT 11 Webinar at NAB 2013 | 04/09/2013

Originally Posted by EricWillhelm View Post
Is it just me, or does this snippet disprove what everyone's complaining about (that you can only get 11HD sans hardware if you upgrade from CPTK)?...

Can you buy a PT 11 HD license without hardware and without upgrading a CPTK?

Gil Gowing:

robert miller:
Originally Posted by soybalm View Post
I think they were both answering the question "Will it work on Windows 8?" They said that you can't buy HD without hardware or CPTK in so many other places.
This represents something I've always had heartburn with in the chat room questions during a webinar. You can never be sure what question they are answering - they might be answering a question that scrolled off the chat screen or they night be answering a question that just showed up.

Besides that the right side of the chat room window has been cutoff the last couple of webinars - can't see the last few letters of a post if it gets close to the edge.
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