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Default Re: Do I really need some external plug-ins for post production at home (such as wave

Originally Posted by DAR Fritz View Post
I'm using Logic and have to say the plugs are very nice, especially the compressor! I had the Waves Gold bundle on my old PT 001 and never bothered to spend the $200 upgrade when I got Logic. Instead, I got Ozone 5 and am very very impressed. It's really an amazing suite of mastering tools under one roof. It's very powerful, deep and fun to use. But if you're new to mastering give yourself time to learn how the varios tools work. It's easy to make your track sound worse!! Try out the presets to get your feet wet. FWIW the Mid/Side functionality is awesome.

oh yeah, I'm quite new to mastering. however, I could manage to make records which were liked by my friends and they say that I should start some serious recording and mastering sessions with serious equipment. In fact, I just need something like ozone 5 for whole mixing and mastering dynamics control. and the other thing I need is a drums vst, that's all. eleven rack is very useful for me so far -even though I hate its sound sometimes- so I should get some final, serious software and get started.

Originally Posted by nst7 View Post

Ozone 5 is $199 at dealers. It's only $249 on the Izotope website because they charge full list price.

All the popular dealers like Sweetwater, Musiciansfriend, Guitar Center, Audiomidi have it for $199.

Sign up for Guitar Center's emails and about every couple of weeks they send you a coupon code for 10 to 15% off. So you can get it even cheaper (just order it from
that's awesome news. thanks a lot.
edit: holy sh.. guitar center sells ozone 5 in turkish liras (and I'm from turkey) and the price is awesome!
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