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Default Re: Back, Neck disability? Design help. New stands?

A quick question. Can you get in and out without pain, I mean, for me, putting weight on my wrists, despite the braces, this concerns me. You also are a composer, not a recording engineer, and need quick access to keyboards and controllers.

The zero gravity chair, motorized, but without arm wrests or movable like the Nethrone. What is nice is the space underneath, you can slide the third leg of a wheeled laptop stand (cannibalized for a small keyboard) or for an ASCii keyboard and two monitors. But they don't make them, as of yet. Flommer was kind enough to find this Quicklock stand for me, as I am testing out a NI Maschine as a drum trigger.

I will just tough it out on the 88 key, Rhodes, Hammond as I don't see any alternative. I use a lot of MIDI and analogue but most of the time is programming. But right now, as you can read, I am unable to work/compose.

I had been considering mounting a pole, suspending the keyboards, controllers, triggers, so they swing into position and out again when not using them. All slightly different heights.

This would require a welder to build adjustable holders, a bit of a design job. I was looking at an old barber chair the other day with a foot pumped pneumatic height adjustment. This could raise and lower the swinging plates that could hold the Controller, keyboard, monitors, etc. So the ideal height for the chair can be set for each device.

JT -- Do you play your keyboard angled to view the LCD or flat? I am unable to play long on the Rhodes, prefer a Fatar semi-weighted action because of wrists, but I tested the new Hammond XK-2 and was unable to play thumb trills. Action was typical for a MIDI keyboard... not 11 gold wire contacts.

I have had this very large set of Utimate support modular tubing and clamps for every, with a mouse pad below the E-4 on the right side. Monitor mounted just above between the rear uprights. These are 1.5 inch aluminum tubes, I am not certain Ultimate support makes this massive build your own kit any longer. That mouse below the keyboard on the right side worked great until the back pain made it unbearable to sit in the very good chair (I had been using a backless seat you kneel in with an angle support for the shins, designed in Denmark. These chairs left over from a bulk purchase for the programmers at One Infinity Drive).

For the mouse pad: What I used was an old Bose clamp for a powered onstage monitor, clamping it to the Ultimate support upright holding the right front of the keyboard and screwed on plywood with a mouse pad over it. This was years ago but right below the E-4 with the CRT mounted above.

Now I use the older style Logitech Trackman Wheel thumb-ball. What are you using? The palm type? I like it because I have a pad to rest my wrist brace (an aluminum support inside) on the non angled section of the wheeled laptop stand so I can support the weight of my arm.

The smaller Korg modeling synth sounds like it might fit the Nethrone. Would two 21.5 inch E-Machine monitors fit? I have a third, slightly smaller but use it for a second mac tower... kind've need that two as I sync two machines.

I scoured the internet, Office Max online (I'm using laptop stands on wheels now). The KRK V-8s, just a hair larger than NS-10s, would they be supported on the Nethrone? They are currently on sand filled stands with carpet spikes. Screwed in, as this is earthquake country. I could move them without too many acoustical problems but the height on these stands are not adjustable.

I also have responsibilities and find this overwhelming. You remember my first post regarding this. What about a control surface like the Euphonix vs a Trackball?

Where is the bulk of AVID's business. Medical. Composers. Post. Mixing Surround... not that many recording studios left. And those that are have large SSLs with a sliding ergonomic chair, or the big Amek. I mean that rail mount chair was a stroke of genius. Been nice if the NS-10s moved with the chair though.

Here are the typical wheeled, height adjustable stands one can cannibalize for monitors, keyboards, etc.
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