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Default Re: can i use my v-drums with strike?

Hi everybody,

I'd like to straighten out some things about Strike and the use of MIDI controllers like V-Drums:

1) In the first line Strike is not a drum sampler, drum module, or drum synth. Strike is an "intelligent" virtual instrument, that has been designed to play along to any Pro Tools session like a real drummer. The main intention of Strike is to deliver realistic drumming behavior and - even more important - the "tweakability" of all parameters which influence the authenticity of a drum performance. Strike is about triggering, editing, and customizing Patterns (Intros,Verses,Bridges,Fills,Choruses,Endings) - mainly.

2) As an add on we implemented the possibility to play single Strike Instruments - quite similar to what you do with a drum sampler. This is intended to easily add Instrument hits in the every day workflow - you trigger the desired Patterns and "throw in" ,for example, additional Crash cymbal hits.
Some people even use this feature to play whole drum tracks with Strike in Kit mode (usually using a MIDI keyboard - search the plug-in guide for "Kit mode")- and it works quite well. This is what you could do using MIDI and V-Drums, but Strike is not intended or optimized for this kind of use.

3) Strike does not support special MIDI drum controllers - sadly there are no templates or presets for these types of modules (apart from M-Audio keyboard support using the M-Audio "Enigma" software). I beg your pardon, and hope you understand that we can not elaborate solutions for individual setups in this forum.

4) Maybe some experienced Strike, MIDI, V-Drums user could find out the best setup and post his experiences here?

Best Regards,

Wolfram K
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