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Default Re: PT and USD dropping out of sync!?

When Ch 1/2 of your primary interface is set to Digital Sync mode, this overrides the settings on your USD (and may be what is causing Pro Tools to drop out of sync). Your primary interface should be reading "Slave."

-If you need to perform a digital transfer of your audio material while resolved to the USD, use AES/EBU channels 3/4, 5/6 or 7/8 on your 888 interface.

-Just so we are on the same page, the VIDEO REF port of the USD is used primarily used for blackburst. If you are using the Video signal from the beta deck as a clock source, try the VIDEO IN port of the USD.

-When using the VIDEO REF port, make sure the VIDEO REF THRU port is termintated if the USD is the last device in the chain.

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