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Default PT and USD dropping out of sync!?

Trying to get Pro Tools online with my Digibeta deck. Using video ref in on USD from Digibeta deck, and LTC from digibeta deck for synch. USD keeps losing timecode! Pro Tools drops out of synch at this point (of course).

Session setup window is set for 29.97 nd which is the frame rate of the video. 48khz is the sample rate, 16 bit, ch 1 2 digital.

USD clock ref is "Video ref in" and Positional ref is "Auto LTC/VTC"

USD sees timecode for maybe 10 sec, and then nothing!

Please someone help me!!

I've got two tapes with the same video and they are both dropping out of synch.

Synchs up for 5 seconds, and then drops out of synch.


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