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Default Re: MBox2 no sound in DAW but sound in speakers

Thanks for the reply. No sound in daw means exactly what it says. There is no sound going into the computer from the Mbox. I have Electribe playing a drum beat to the inputs of the Mbox, it comes out to monitors but not in the computer. I tried all the usual suspects, sound control panel, etc. Tried both PT8 and FLStudio. The mbox shows up as driver in both programs but again no sound comes out or in.

I am assuming that the mbox might be toast , it sat in a closet for several years , the reason I stopped using it was I was getting a low level static in the mix. Later on YouTube one night I seen a guy add a ground wire to the chassis of the mbox and this solved his static problem. I made a ground wire for mine and fired it all back up the other nite and here we are.
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