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Default Re: MBox2 no sound in DAW but sound in speakers

You are likely hearing sound out of the monitors connected to the Mbox via hardware monitoring in the Mbox, completely independent of Pro Tools.

Nobody here can guess what you mean by "no sound goes into the DAW", ie. what exactly are you seeing?

What "Sound Panel" are you talking about. Windows Sound setting should not be involved here... you do *not* want Windows Sound trying to use the Mbox 2.

Are you using an audio (not instrument) track? Does it have the correct input assigned? Do you see the input meter move? Is that track meter in pre-fader mode? Do you see a waveform recorded in the edit window? Is the master fader turned up? Do you see the master fader meter moving aqs you play back stuff.

It's often best to start things stupidly simple. Disconnect everything and just have the monitors connected to the MBox 2. Create a new session add a stereo audio track and drag and drop a known good audio file onto that track. Press play and make sure you see the meters move and can hear output in the monitors. If the Pro Tools meters move and you can't hears stuff turn up the Mbox volume and try headphones.
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