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Default Re: Eucon instability

Originally Posted by avernon82 View Post
I think there needs to be some specific technical recommendations for supported routers. I know a specific router was posted in the Eucon manual, but that is not adequate for a number of reasons. People will want to know if the current router they have is compatible, people may want to buy a different router for other reasons, and people may want to buy a cheaper router, which is what I did. I was able to save $100 going with my router vs the one recommended.)
The problem is there are 100's of routers and they change every 6 months. Not only that 2 routers priced the same can perform very different. Sometime a particular router has default settings that are not very good too. So we could recommend a router that is a particular type and even has the same chipset as others but find similar ones perform very differently. The reason the Tri Band all bells and whistles one works great, is that its overkill. But if you have already spend a couple thousand or more on your setup, and use it for work then spending $250 on something like this to guarantee it all works together isn't that much.
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