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Default Re: so, on the table.... 003R or 2626 or ......?

As the owner of a Profire 2626 that has not been modded, I'd highly recommend avoiding it. Its got a great feature set and I reckon if you get the BLA mod done it probably improves the sound a decent amount as well.

But what the mod will not do is fix the f*kin bugs in this thing which are seriously annoying. This product is clearly not a priority for the company either, as their driver updates are few and far between. As far as I know, the bugs I reported to them over a year ago, still exist.

Here's just one example of its lameness: anytime I connect a firewire drive to my computer, the damn 2626 loses contact with my computer and I have to cycle the power on the Profire. I have used most of the Digi/Avid interfaces over the years, and this one takes the cake for sheer frustration. Its too bad because it really can do a lot when its not driving me nuts. But if you have actual work to do, do not buy this thing as your primary ProTools interface unless you like being on the phone for HOURS with tech support.

Buy the 003R on ebay and enjoy it till they stop supporting it. You'll save yourself some coin and be rocking a stable rig for a couple of years.
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