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Default How to route USB audio into Pro Tools

Hello, I just purchased a Roland TD-15KV V-Drum set.

The TD-15 module has the ability to send and receive both audio and midi by way of USB 2.0. It also came with a "driver" for the Mac OS which puts a TD-15 icon into System Preferences(mainly for changing buffer size).

Now, when setting the Input and Output in Sound Preferences, I can sellect the TD-15(as well as the "Play Sounds Thru..")

I'm running Pro Tools HD 7.4.2 via a Dual 2Ghz PPC G5 with 4 Accel PCI cards. The G5 has an optical lite-pipe out also.

The TD-15 also has 2-TRS outs but I'd like to see if it's possible to route the audio out via USB 2.0 into Pro Tools.

I've tried several approaches but so far, nothing

Any one??
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