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Default Re: S.O.S freezing probleme

Im sure the first thing you will notice is that you are using an unsupported scsi card...the Initio. According to what I have read..the "unsupported" cards..generally placed to much load on the PCI bus and caused errors.

Yank the Initio card..and its extensions..and see if you problem goes away.
Id be willing to bet that your Initio card is the culprit. You can also try changing the settings of your Intiio card so that it doesnt place so much load on the disabling wide mode..and reducing the speed to 10 mhz. If you need help with this..on how to do it...go to manuafactuer of the "fuse video capture card)..and check their support site. I believe they have an actuall screen shot on the settings. Also, the same screen shot (do a search for fuse).

This might reduce the load enough to stop the odd behavior if your UW card is the culprit. fast as the miles UW card most have to reduce it to scsi2 levels for it to work with many devices..which..defeats the whole purpose of having it in the first place.

Again, the best thing to do is to yank the Initio card..and disable the extensions..and see ..for sure..if its the card causing it or not. If you still have the problem...then..its elsewhere..and at least you can eliminate the card. But, I would leave the card out while you continue your trouble shooting..just for isolation sake. It will make it easier to find the problem.

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