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Default PT LE and Nuendo

Hi, I'm trying to decide which system I should set myself up with for post-production mixing. I am thinking about upgrading to PT 7, and getting the DV Toolkit 2 in order to increase the track count and add the snapshot automation (two important aspects missing from PT LE that I feel would greatly increase my speed and efficiency). However, the DV Toolkit 2 is damn expensive, and I want to be sure before I purchase it. Is there a demo out there anywhere? Does a demo ship with PT LE software like the first DV toolkit did with PT 6.X? Any way to try it out before I purchase?

Also, I have been considering the possiblity of editing in PT but mixing in Nuendo. I love PT for editing, recording, and sound FX creation and all that, but it appears that Nuendo, with its super high track count support, and support for surround sound may be a better investment rather than the DV Toolkit in terms of the best system in which to mix.

Also, does PT 7 support Waves v.4 or would I have to upgrade to Waves v.5? Does Nuendo support waves v.4?

What would you recommend? Purchasing PT with the DV toolkit 2? or purchasing Nuendo as part of a system in which I edit in standard basic PT and mix in Nuendo?

What are the advantages to one system over the other?

Thanks for your help!!!
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