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Default Re: Eleven Rack window responds to changes on Eleven Rack, unable to record.

As others have pointed out the Eleven Rack control panel functionality (implemented via MIDI over USB) within Pro Tools is completely separate to its operation as an audio interface.

Trying all the things you probably have already are good, here is a full list of what I would do (some things will need to get repeated as you do others in a test sequence ) --

Powering off everything.
Trying different power up sequences.
Make sure no other software is running on the Mac.
Removing all unneeded USB devices (as many as possible, remove any hubs etc.)
Trying different USB cables (ideally short ones know to work elsewhere).
Trying different USB ports.
Make sure the Eleven Rack is directly connected, not thorough a USB hub or any USB device with a hub built into it (e.g. display monitor).
If you can - try the Eleven Rack on a different Mac or PC or if you can borrow another Eleven Rack try that on your MB (any retail stores in your area have demo Eleven Racks on display?).
What errors are showing up in System.log?
Remove the device drivers (with the Eleven Rack disconnected manually remove the /System/Library/Extensions/DigidesignElevenRack.kext extension, reboot the Mac) and then reinstall the latest drivers (download a fresh copy).
Were any other USB devices installed? If so remove drivers for them (don't remove the iLok driver however).
Reset the Eleven Rack memory (front panel user config, "reset memory").
Re-burn the latest firmware into the Eleven Rack
Do a clean reinstall of OS X. (esp. if the Eleven Rack works on another computer).

Failing all that you may need to send the unit in to be checked/repaired. Contact Avid over the phone and use the menu item to get to repair (is should be a free call that does not need an ASC).

I hope you have all the other things sorted for using an MB Air with Pro Tools, especially some form of supported external Audio drive (Thunderbolt/Firewire?), and you have done all the other recommended optimizations like disabling spotlight, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. These things are not likely to be related to this current problem.

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