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Default Re: How to compensate for analog summing mixer hardware latency?

Originally Posted by Franklyn View Post

monitoring the analog out of the 2 bus makes no sense in a mordern mixing szenario.
The solution to this is to monitor the incoming stereo feed FROM the analog summing. Things to consider:
1-Does the analog summing really make things sound better? Serious question(and no offense is intended), but some folks, insist things sound better when the reality is that maybe they don't, or maybe you might be able to achieve the exact same sonics while staying in the box(several big names in the mixing world are now completely ITB).
2-I know a few folks that mix on analog consoles, or in a hybrid setup(much as you now do) and they monitor the mix off their summing(be it console or summing box) where it comes back into PT and none of them worry about compensation as it doesn't affect what they hear(the returning mix is later than the source tracks, but they are only monitoring the returning mix).
3-If you are not routing ALL audio thru the same analog summing, I see the issue there, and my best advice would be to alter the workflow or setup so that all audio does take the same path(like we had to do back before Delay Compensation when mixing through lots of AUX sub-groups with bus processing).

Just food for thought
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