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Default Re: How will the 001 enhance my performance?

Hey cordura--

There are several significant advantages to working with 001 over using the Mac's sound inputs. Here are some of the big ones:

* MUCH better sound quality. Even though the Mac sound inputs claim to be "CD quality," in reality they are noisy and lack clarity and low end. The inputs on the 001 are all high-quality 24-bit, you will notice a HUGE difference immediately.

* You will be able to record 18 inputs at once instead of only 2, and you will have more flexibility in the types of inputs.

* You will be able to use Pro Tools 5.0 software, which is considered by many to be the most powerful, and easiest to use software for audio and MIDI.

The performance in terms of track count, number of effects, etc. depends on the power of your computer. However, Pro Tools software is very efficient at harnessing the power of the CPU, so I suspect you will get better performance just by using Pro Tools software.

What kind of computer do you have now and what software are you using?

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