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Default Re: How to make Pro Tools tutorials for FREE - Record screen & ASIO audio

Originally Posted by Guy McDude View Post
Thanks for the video!

Question regarding your recording audio separately to the Zoom recorder, and importing later.

How do you ensure sync between the OBS video screen capture, and the audio from your stand alone recorder?

thanks in advance,
I don't do it that way anymore, but I use to click the mouse very loudly on the Pro Tools Mix window which was behind the edit window, and the mic would pick up the mouse click and I could sync to frame.

I have updated the links at the bottom of the post with more recent methods.

The way I do it today is either by using two interfaces or loopback.

Everything is recorded into OBS that way and ready to go.

I pop the video in to Pro Tools and extract the audio. Fix up the vocal track. Bounce it out. And edit it all together in DaVinci Resolve.

If you don't have loopback or another audio interface to use AND you are on Windows, I would probably suggest the Voicemeeter Potato method. Or the FL Studio Driver method IF you don't need to use inputs.

This is the latest video.

The ULTIMATE Guide To Screencast Your DAW - Voicemeeter Potato & OBS/Streamlabs
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