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Default Power supply failure on PCI Chassis..

So I did my once in 10 years move all gear, clean up, and rewire and.... I hooked up my chassis to my G4, fired it all up.. lights on for all cards, f16 jet engine fan on... fire up pro tools and I got a dae error. i shut everything down. reseated the ribbon cable and interface cables. restarted, walked away. tried pro tools.. then dae deck error. I look down at the chassis and the lights on the pro tools cards were not lit and it was oddly quiet. It seems my chassis took a dump on me. The light on the front of the chassis is on but thats it. just a light. the fan on the power supply certainly isnt on neither are the vortex leaf blowers on the front of the chassis.

Shoudl i start with the power supply and where can i find out where to get one and what the right type exactly is. Anything else I can check here?

SBS 8 slot
Rev B
MFG date: Dec 1999
Part number (model?) B5227111
sn: 217005
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