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Default Re: Compatible Laptops?

I used to run ProTools 7.3 on a HP laptop... don't recall the exact model number, but was back right before the Daul Core chips hit the market... Athlon64 3200, 768MB RAM, 128MB Radeon Xpress... it handled ProTools fairly well.

But it all depends upon what you are planning to do with it. While it handled a modest 10 track music session just fine, it choked with buffer errors on a 30 min dialog reel full of extremely dense and complex edits/fades.

However, with what's offered on laptops now, it should run ProTools rather well. Just make sure your sessions are running off of an external drive to which the ProTools unit is daisychained into... and get as much RAM as you can (and if you can revert to XP, by all means do so, in which case 4GB is the max)
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