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Originally Posted by GrievousAngel View Post
I guess we are waiting on the W7 version of EU controllers? With PT9 it must be in high gear. Any news?
Fingers crossed for NAMM 2011 I guess. As soon as W7 drivers are released I'm buying.

Originally Posted by GrievousAngel View Post
Who has used the Presonus Central Station w/ Remote? I will need something like that. suggestions?
I've been using a Central Station in my control room for two years now and I've just added the remote to free up rack space on my table.

As you might know the Central Station is a passive device, at least the attenuation of the three stereo speaker outputs, and that means that it doesn't add any coloration at all. I've done A/B-comparison sending the sound through the CS and sending directly to my active speakers (my Lavry DA10 DAC has an analog volume control). I wasn't able to hear any difference comparing the two signal paths. So you can be sure that the sound quality of CS is 100% transparent.

The active part of the unit is also very good, The two headphone outputs sound clear and punchy and pushing either of the headphone output knobs switches the monitoring source between the cue and main mixes. So one headphone mix for you and another one for the singer. Very useful.

The metering is actually very useful and it can be calibrate at the push of a button. Mine is set to a maximum of +26dBu to have a little bit of headroom even when playing very hot mixes. The default calibration is +18dBu.

The digital inputs sound okay, not studio quality but okay.

The Talkback mic is okay, personally I prefer an open mic when recording an artist. When pressed the talkback button dims the output of the headphones and main speakers by 18dB (I think). It would have been great if there was an option not to dim the outputs and just add the talkback mic to the signal. But there isn't so I don't use it at all, because I like to be able to sing along with the artist to show the melody, pep-talk and count in during recording etcetera.

All in all it's a great stereo monitor control at a great price. As long as you don't need a surround sound control the Central Station is the best alternative. I can promise you that you won't be disappointed.

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