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Default Re: Early renewal of PT perpetual annual plan

Originally Posted by kobi_dog View Post
Thank you drh1, the exact info. I was after, this is the same position I am in(Pro Tools (vanilla) "Perpetual Product" and had the "Pro Tools Annual Upgrade Plan),my present plan doesn't expire till Dec. 2019, I very was concerned that if I renewed now I would miss out on 6 months of my present plan,the other threads on this are very confusing. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there that are in the same position and are having the same dilemma. Do I or don't I renew before July 1/19? with months left on my current plan. It's good to know it will update to the original date of your current plans renewal date, and that if you repeat buy it will extend, and keep your original month of expiration.
If your plan is current then it will append from the current expiry date.... ie for me expiry date is June 2020.... if I buy another 12 months in say Nov 2019 it will extend to June 2021. If you have to reinstate then it’ll restart from the date you reinstated. I think but I could be wrong 3 years in advance is the max. That is why in my sig I have Pro Tools 2019.6-22.#
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