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Default Re: Pro Tools 2019.5 some info please!

My 2 cents; I have made most of my living with Pro Tools for over 14 years. I started with the old 002 and LE6.1 and have gone thru several computers and interfaces, all in the name of improving my capabilities. Has PT been perfect? Not even close(there isn't any DAW that's perfect for everyone). Have I been able to do everything I have needed to do? Absolutely. For me(on my current system, which is a few years old) 2019.5 has shown a very solid improvement in performance, so I am quite happy to keep using it. Will other programs do all this stuff? You bet. BUT, I simply prefer the user experience in Pro Tools(the biggest reason that most of us keep going with it). Maybe its not the right choice for the way you like to work? Maybe your current computer is a bad match? Those are important questions that only you can answer
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