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Default 3 Avid Artis Mix's For Sale!

Hey DUC'rs!
I have an opportunity to purchase a custom made Tom Anderson guitar that I've been wanting so I'm going to sacrifice 3 of my Artist Mix's but keep my Artist Control and my Transport.

See them at the link below:

Need to sell fast so I'm asking $800 each with FREE SHIPPING in the USA ONLY! You can check my eBay feedback at: guitar01_2001
The lastest one was purchased as Brand New, Unopened, "Euphonix Old Stock" in August and upgraded with the Artist Mix panel by AVID and is still under warranty. The others were upgraded by me and they are all in Excellent Condition both mechanically and cosmetically! Also, I upgraded the Fader Caps to a more professional, ProControl styled metallized fader caps. I will include the regular ones with the sale also. Currently being used with Mac Pro Nehalem, OSX 10.6.8, Eucon 2.6.2 and working great.

They come with:
Riser's, Power Supply, and Ethernet Cable

Please email me if interested at:
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