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Default Re: Help with Headroom for Mastering - Please!

There is nothing wrong with pulling back the master fader. The resulting bounce will be exactly the same, only quiter. You can confirm this by reversing the process, on the bounced file, increasing the volume by the exact same amount, alingning it next to the original -0db file and reversing phase on one of them. (Assuming this is a 24 bit session w/24 bit files and the master is not clipping.)

If these are mastering professionals, they should know this, and be able to do it themselves.

On the other hand they might be hearing something clipping and want you to in fact do a second mix with everything pulled back as Jack described. If you insist that you want it to sound like the bounce you made in the first place, it should not be necessary.

My 2c, anyway.
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