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Default Help with Headroom for Mastering - Please!

Hello all. Apologies upfront for the silly questions (I am a musician - not an engineer!)

I have 14 songs ready for mastering and the Mastering house have come back and said that the tracks are all too loud - peaking at 0db. So there is a lot of work done in the mix - automation on the fader and plug-ins, multiple tracks etc.

How can I bring the mix down to -6db to give them the headroom they need?

Should I just put something on the master bus and bring the whole level down?

Some of the tracks are commit tracks already - can I recommit everything to 0 and then pull all the faders down to get to -6db? Will this affect the quality of the tracks to recommit committed tracks (if you know what I mean)

Or - and hopefully not - do I have to start over totally with the mix and remix everything to bring the volume down...

Awaiting your wisdom and sage advice folks...

Thanks in advance,

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