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Default Re: Help for Error Message - Assertion in "..\Mdie_TrackPlayer.cpp", line 476

When I updated to 10.3.8 I got an error on startup - I've fixed it so I don't remember exactly what it was - however it was related to the hardware set up also.

If you go into your playback engine setup and check the "ignore errors" option, that will allow you to set to your interface at least. This got rid of my error, but I still wasn't getting audio.

I basically did a reinstall and that took care of it. The updater for 10.3.8 comes with an "uninstaller" - which you need to run first. Then install 10 and 11 after that. The whole process only takes a few minutes. Sorry I can't be more helpful than that....I know it's vague. A reinstall is pretty quick and easy though and may fix your problem.
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