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Default Re: Help for Error Message - Assertion in "..\Mdie_TrackPlayer.cpp", line 476

Originally Posted by lbpease View Post
Thanks for the suggestions. I will address the RAM and hard drive issues, but Pro-Tools was working before I replaced my audio adapter. I had been using a Lexicon "Omega" adapter which started having some issues. I replaced that adapter with a focusrite Scarlett 18i8.

If it helps, I have included a much more thorough system report (attached .pdf). If you can see any other issues to address in addition to the RAM upgrade and using a second hard drive, please let me know. Live and Cubase will both work but I'd much prefer using ProTools.

Thanks in advance for the help.

If it worked before you got lucky, that's all. It also doesn't help that your video card can steal system memory. Factor in the graphics PT uses along with bare minimum ram and that's a recipe for troubles.
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