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Default Re: artist series and mac osx 10.8?

yep i hear you

i am on cubase 6.5 64 bit on the latest 10.8 i never even thought about the eucon and artsit series when i upgraded since the N12 yamaha and cubase were all certified fine

if i run ANY project with the aritst series ON in cubase at ANY buffer, they glitch, stop the audio, stagger along etc

in the SAME projects at the SAME settings with eh same plugs and EVERYTHING, if i just turn off the controllers there are no issues at all

hence why i was asking i guess

i forgot avid has these now actually and should ave checked compatibility

oh well, gonna keep them off till fixed

PT 10 - Mac Pro Octo 2.8 - 10.8.3
Artist series - MC control v2 - 2x mc mix - mc trans
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