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Default Re: PT 10.3.9 with Mac OS 10.9 (Maverick)

Originally Posted by Rjones17 View Post
I need to upgrade an older MacBook Pro to OS 10.9 (for other software). I have Pro Tools 10.3.9 and not looking to upgrade (it works fine). Can anyone share what type of problems I could encounter with Pro Tools and 10.9? If it's only the Uninstaller issues listed on the Avid site, I'm not as concerned. Thanks.
For a good running system you do not want to just install the new OSX over the old even though that's the Apple recommended way. The good way is to clean install everything (OSX and all your programs). Do not use Migration Assassin (aka Migration Assistant) to bring over programs. To do the job you're going to need to boot from an external drive or follow one of the many articles found on the web (Google is your friend) on how to create a bootable installer flash drive with OSX 10.9 on it. BTW the latest is OSX 10.9.5; what's available on the web are just the updater which is NOT a full installer.

Before you do any of this get an external drive and a copy of Carbon Copy Cloner and make a clone of your system. That way if you muck things up you have a workable solution for the moment. Besides clones are good insurance for when things do go bad.
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