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Default Re: Audio track clipping when trying to print

Originally Posted by Ezequiel Severino View Post

Hey, yes that's exactly my signal routing, also, both. my audio Channel waveform and meter are both clipping and you can definitely hear it when you listen to the print.

I was doing some research and someone told me (idk if this is true or not i Have not confirmed it) that Aux tracks have a more "dynamic range" (this is how it was explained to me) than audio tracks and that could be the reason as to why my aux track is not clipping with all the track summed up, again idk if this is true it's just something someone told me.

I do not however, understand the part where you say that proccesess in my AUX track may be causing the print track to clip would you please elabórate a bit more so that i can have that clear?

Thanks again.
I'm not aware of auxes having more headroom than audio tracks, but it possibly could be. Did you check the metering levels are set to Digital VU, and in the options menu 'pre fader metering' is checked?

Also did you make adjustments on the master fader the submaster aux is routed to? , If you have a submaster going to, let's say 'monitor L/R' and you have your master from the monitor L/R with fader set to -2dB, as soon as you change the routing from your submaster output to your audiotrack to make a print on, the -2dB adjustment on the masterfader you made is ignored, because your submaster isn't routed to a path controlled by a master fader anymore. Causing your audio track to be hit 2 dB harder than intended. If you don't do anything on the masterfader and just have all faders set to 0dB (recommended in this setup) then it should be good.
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