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Default Re: Audio track clipping when trying to print

Originally Posted by priorytools View Post
First off Ezequiel, are your meters set to pre fader? If not, change to pre fade & have clips set to infinite.
Secondly, is your sub master fader sitting at 0.00 ?
Thirdly, can you try running the mix while on input monitor on your print track & seeing at which point in the song it’s clipping.
Fourth, make a stereo master fader & assign it’s output to your sub masters input. I name this “sub m=m”Now you can see if your mults that are routed to your sub m are clipping the input because the “sub m=m” will have clips lit.
Fifth, fo you have a compressor on your sub m ?

Hello priorytools

To answer all your questions

1. Yes my meters are set to pre fader and all clips set to Infinite
2. Yes my master fader is set to 0.00
3. I don't really know what you mean by that, but yes I can definitely do it and it always clips on the same spot
4. I've done it and the for the input for my Sub master nothing is clipping it only clips in the audio track when printing
5. Yes I do, i made Sure I copied it on the Sub master AUX so that it would basically récord it in the print
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