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Default Re: New Software Release EuControl Version 18.3

Thanks for the new update Eddie. The Reverse Dyn layout feature is massive for me.

I'm noticing a couple of odd things with 18.3 that I wondered if anyone else can reproduce. On my Artist Mix, when in Inserts mode, the 'On' buttons don't illuminate to show plug-in activation anymore - they function as expected, bypassing plugs, but there is no LED feedback.

Also, when switching Layouts to an Auto-Assigned layout from a saved layout, the Artist Mix jumps to an arbitrary group of tracks, ignoring the original position or current banking position. Is that just happening here? Being able to jump from attentioned tracks, to saved VCA's, to auto-assigned is a big part of my workflow.

I'm running Pro Tools 2018.1 on a late 2013 Mac Pro with 10.12.6.
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