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Default ProTools 7.3.1LE Normalize Bug

We have found an odd problem with Audiosuite's "Normalize" processor. When we try and process multiple regions with "Normalize". Pro Tools will not normalize the files that reside below the normalize level.

For example:

I have 30 files/regions on a track. 15 are peaking at 0 and 15 are peaking at -6db (their order is mixed up). I want to bring all files up to 0. So I highlight all 30 files and set Normalize to the following.... "region list" (or playlist), use in playlist is selected, create individual files, and "individual Level"

After I hit process, the files remain exactly the same. The normalize function is behaving as if "all relative levels" is selected. Because if I were to reduce the gain of the 15 files from 0 to -3, all the files will raise by 3 db. We have tried every combo of parameters and it always malfunctions.

This function has worked fine in older versions. Currently we have seven PTle7.3.1 le dv toolkit rigs (of various cs updates) where this function seems to be broken. But on our 6.9.2 HD rig, it works fine.

My system is configured as follows...

MacPro 2x2 Dual Core, 4 gig ram, PTle 7.3.1 cs2, dv toolkit2, os10.4.8

Any help would be great!
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