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Default Re: Pro Tools 8 M-Powered Pops/Clicks with Guitar Rig 3 Kontrol Audio Recording

I'm not sure that what I am about to relay will help you, but.... I had similar problems with recording after upgrade using an M-Audio Fastrack Pro. I could mix and bounce tracks previous 7.4 sessions fine. I followed the optimization tutorials and disabled all the services that are not necessary, eliminated the paging file and created a hardware profile that I use when I boot up. Also, like you upped the buffer size to 512 MB and the clicks and noise went away. I did not disable the ignore errors option as that always introduces noise and distortion. Although with using Kore I have to disable it, start recording and then stop recording and enable it again to use Kore Player. Oh! if only everything would play well together. Good luck, even though luck has nothing to do with it.
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