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Default Cloud project is unrealistically large.

Hey folks, I'm a cloud collaboration newbie, and have run into a problem. I have the 100 GB cloud plan, and one PT project in the cloud, a movie project with a bunch of stems. I'm getting a message that my cloud storage is 71% full, and my revisions aren't being uploaded because there isn't enough space. There should be nothing in my project that is that large, it's only the first 40 minutes or so, and 6-12 stems through about 80% of that, I'd guess it'd be in the area of 5GB maximum. I've selected unused and hit clear which got rid of some files, but that hasn't freed up any space. I know that the converted video file (from Shutter Encoder for the Catalina issue) is about 75 GB, but I don't think that got shared.

Any suggestions?

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