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Default Re: Comparison of HD, LE and M-Powered?

I don't have a UAD2 or anything like that. I'm 100% native. I thought that any plugin that used lookahead (compressors and the like) created delays. Maybe I'm all worried about nothing?

I have noticed in Acid that heavy-duty masteing plugs create delay, but I only put them on the master (and disable them when I'm not using them).

Not being familiar with what's available for RTAS, let me throw out some names of VST/DX plugs that I have had some experience with and you can tell me if equivalent RTAS plugs would cause delays:

- URS Strip Pro
- Sonnox Dynamics
- Waves RVerb
- PSP Vintage Warmer
- CamelSpace (don't think Camel Audio makes RTAS, but maybe there's something like that)

Also, does the lack of plugin delay compensation also affect synths? Given Omnisphere is definitely my most expensive investment in a single virtual instrument I'd love to know if that's a concern.
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