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Default Re: Undo in 7.2

Make sure you check the prefs, there is a new pref for Control Changes in the undo queue.
Preferences>Mixing>Include Control Changes in Undo Queue
You could be using up a lot of the 32 with volume changes or the like.
Check the Undo History window.

I have noticed, but not been able to definitively name the instances, that some actions seem to clear the Undo History.
NONE of my control changes (i.e. fader adjustments) will undo and yet that preference is checked, so I'm really wondering what's going on here. Everything that's buggy is mostly inconsistent (sometimes works, sometimes not). I just restarted the Mac, so maybe I'll have better luck this afternoon.

For the record, in case anyone is keeping score and is trying to figure out what the critical factors are here...

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