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Default Re: pro tools 10 le reinstallation

Originally Posted by Diego de Massy View Post
Hy, i made it. I got back osx 10.9.5 Marverick. I reinstalled my PT 10. It works except it can't save the session anymore (error you're not the administrator -5000). I put back my pro tools files without the time machine, I just copy past them from my external hard drive. It's like it can't find the source file. Is this a problem? Can I already update to el capitain?
Not if you want to use PT10. Mavericks is the latest PT10 will run correctly on. running it on Yosemite has several issues like missing entires in the insert flyout menus and other graphics issues. Actually Mountain Lion is the last qualified OSX for PT10 although several of us have it running quite nicely on Mavericks. The issue with Mavericks is the uninstaller won't work - you have to do that manually.

As to your -5000 admin error - why not run as admin? I do.
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