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Default 8 le 002 hardware or software problem???

Hi guys.

To say that I am climbing the walls would be an understatement!!!!!

Errrr! Long winded but here goes.

Have been using a 002 digi rack 8.5 software, with a PC windows 7 since i was an embreyo. Faultless!!

Decided to tidy the lead mess in the studio once and for all!!!!
Problem begins!

Powered up the computer and the hardware to disvover that the software was not seeing the hardware!
Error was the usual " cannot see the 002"!

So i went through the following process..

Changed the firewire cable.....didnt work! same error!
Changed fire wire ports! didnt work!
Listened for my faithful 3 clicks on 002 power up! yep! 3 clicks!
Green light at the back? check! (I wondered...could this be the dreaded mains harness needing repacement)? Maybe the life had left the ole girl!

To make sure it was a faulty 002, I loaded a fresh install of pro tools onto the wifes PC and hooked the unit up... "Same error"!

So.... working to a deadline I bought a prestine replacement 002 unit that came boxed and looked like it had just come from the factory.
Connected the firewire to the PC, powered up the PC, then powered up the 002.
"Fantastic"! She powered up with the driver measage and I opened a project..
Perfect.. ALL there, all present!

I then powered down the PC, placed the unit into the rack and re connected the firewire and all the ins/out cables. Powered the PC, then the 002 and started my software! "SAME ERROR MESSAGE cant see the 002"!

So powered down again, removed all the leads except the firewire, rebooted the computer, turned on the 002.... "Same error message"!

So after going through the process of what I thought was establishing a hardware problem, " IM STUMPPED"!

your thoughts? I have a headache!

Rant over.

thanks guys
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